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Welcome to my web page of "One Hundred and One Reaper Nights".  This is a project I decided to take on because I noticed way too many of my lovely Reaper minis were getting painted up then sold on Ebay like the three pictured above.  The rest were just sitting grey on my shelves.  So I decided to paint them up by doing one a night for 101 days.  These will all stay in my own collection so I won't be selling any Reaper minis for quite some time.  I've tried to keep them all different but a few are doubles.  Most of these are from the army packs.  I'm going to start on September 9th and try and finish on December 18th.  Naturally I may have to catch up or paint some minis ahead of time because of schedule conflicts but the ultimate goal will be to have 101 Reaper miniature painted by December 18th.  Below is a list of the first seven miniatures I am going to paint.  I won't be able to update the page every day but I will try and update at least once a week.  Wish me luck!
Update 9-10-02 The Week one Page is up with Olorin Duskwood and the Owl Bear

                          02557 Olorin Duskwood Male Druid by Jim Johnson
                          02526 Owl Bear by Jason Weibe
                          02523 Parv Backscratch Wererat by James Van Schaik
                          02504 Bria Female Necromancer by Sandra Garrity
                          02476 Lorna the Huntress Female Barbarian by Bobby Jackson
                          02420 Sir Richard the White Knight by Werner Klocke
                          02116 Cthal T'chuk by Sandra Garrity

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