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The Dwarf Project

This is the first finished miniature I have sculpted.  It's a Dwarf for a Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing game I was playing in.  It took me about a week to complete this miniature working off and on.  Off and on is really the only way you can work on a miniature and now that I have sculpted a few I really like to have at lest two going at one time so I don't waste too many hours waiting for putty to dry.
This Dwarf was a real challenge but a real joy to sculpt.  I started with the feet and worked up to the face then added the arms last.  Sadly I was, and still am, unable to sculpt weapons.  I tried but I just couldn't get the hang of it.  So rather than abandon an otherwise successful sculpt I opted for a little assistance from the good folks at Reaper in the form of taking a sword from one of their very nice weapons sprues.  All in all I don't feel too bad about that since this mini will never see production since I painted the green as soon as I finished.
The painted miniature, shown below, also carries a Citadel shield.  This was as much a matter of time as anything.  I was trying to finish the mini for a weekend game so I really didn't want to spend time trying to get a shield done for it.

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