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The Jawa Project
    Jawas a just a blast.  Everyone loves Jawas.  This little guy was really a blast to sculpt and I finished him before my Tuscan Raider.  Of course that has a bit to do with the fact that he is rather small and simple.
    I started with a simple armature out of copper wire sculpting the feet.  Then I sculpted the body and hood in one setting.  After that set I did the bandolier which I think turned out really well.  I really felt like I was getting the hang of pouches.  I started using this type of pouch on the chest bandolier of the Tuscan but I could tell on this piece that I was getting much better at it.  That's not a light saber he is holding.  It's just some sort of tecno gadget.  I was really going to droid remote but it got a little large.  The top part is the muzzle of an M1 Abrams tank miniature.
    I think he turned out really well and I had a blast painting him up.  I am planning on doing several more Jawas and will probably cast some up for personal use.
     The only other Jawa miniature was one West End Games did several years ago that came in a blister pack with Luke and the only Tuscan Raider they ever did on foot.  I also doubt Wizards of the Coast will be coming out with Jawas either because they seen intent on doing miniatures for players and not game masters and they seem to not realize that what they really should be doing is making Star Wars specific miniatures instead of human adventurers you could get from just about any Science fiction miniature line.

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