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The Kuzbaz Conversion
    I converted this Kuzbaz miniature from a Ral Partha assassin.  It was a very simple conversion and one I think most mini gamers can handle.  For those of you who do not know what a Kuzbaz watch Star Wars.  The first movie.  Not Episode I.  Episode IV "A New Hope".  The Kuzbaz is seen while Luke and Ben are walking arround Mos Eisley on Tatooine.  He speaks into some kind of communicator to call a troop of Storm Troopers to capture Luke and the droids.  Confused?  I though so.  Don't worry if you can't place him.  You have to be an uber geek Star Wars fan to know he is a Kuzbaz or to want to convert a mini for him.  However due to the crummy state of WOTCs Star Wars miniature line I decided that another Star Wars alien couldn't hurt.

    Here is how the mini looked before I started.

    Basically I just ground off his face and added a cone of putty to form the kuzbaz face and trunk.
    The face was really simple.  I worked in the strap for his goggles in the first stage and also poked very small holes into his trunk where they needed to go.  I formed the bottom of his trunk with the tip on my exacto knife.  When that set up I put two small balls of putty where his goggles needed to be then I poked holes in them with a dental pick and worked them into shape.  You could also use a larger needle for that.  Then I just flattened the balls of putty just a bit with another dental tool and let it set up.

    All in all not a stunning or complicated conversion but a good one I think.

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