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The Tuscan Raider Project
    This Tuscan Raider was the second miniature I started but I didn't really finish it until after I had finished the Twi'lek.  Although I'm really happy with the way he turned out there are a number of problems with this sculpt.  For one thing he is really huge.  He stands a good head taller than a standard 28mm figure.  This probably has to do with the fact that I eyeballed his sized based on a Reaper Druid that is also taller than most of my miniatures and this Tuscan turned out taller than him.  Another problem I have with him are his hands.  I just didn't sculpt them very well.  Hands are something I really need to start focusing on.
    This is yet another miniature where I couldn't do a good weapon.  I wanted him to be wielding a Gaderffi stick but I just couldn't sculpt a very convincing one.  I opted to sculpt a large jawbone instead which I was fairly happy with but I got lazy and used a plastic Games Workshop auto pistol for his right hand.  All in all I think this was a better selection of weapons since his large size makes him suitable only for a special character or leader type figure and his unique weaponry really help him stand out.
    I'm going to do more Tuscan Raiders soon because West End Games only did one on foot and one on a Bantha and I don't think Wizards will be coming out with any in the near future since they seem to have an aversion to producing anything that can't be used as a player character.
    One think I really goofed on with this mini and the Twi'lek was getting a good picture or scan on the finished green before I painted it.

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