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The Twi'Lek Project
     This Twi'Lek is a miniature I made for my wife's player character in my Star Wars role playing game.  I really wanted to create a Twi'lek female that looked more like an adventurer than a Slave girl and my wife wanted her to be a bit taller.  My wife is an artist and she gave me a basic sketch of what she was going for.  I pretty much used the sketch as a guideline but not something I felt I had to stick to verbatim.  The fig ended up being just a tad bit taller and thicker in the body than I originally intended but I think it still came out pretty close to my desired effect.
    The real problem areas on this mini were the boots and arms.  The boots ended up being a little different in size.  It's not too easy to see unless you pick the miniature up and look at it but then it becomes painfully clear.  Early on in the process of sculpting this mini I had to cut off part of the right leg because the pants didn't come down far enough to look balanced with the left leg so I tried the make the right boot look more squished down which worked out ok because of the way the leg and foot are positioned.  The arms ended up being a real pain partly because I rushed them to get the miniature finished for a game.  They really are too thin.  The lack the believable mass that I think the rest of the miniature has.
    The face was another difficult area.  It didn't turn out quite like I wanted it but I think that is just going to be a matter of time and practice.  I really wanted the chin to be more pointed and less round to soften the jaw line.  The eyes were also a pain but that is another practice issue.
My wife's character sketch.
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