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    Hello and welcome to my web site about miniature gaming.  I have been a miniature gamer for the past 14 years and in that time I have collected many thousands of miniatures and played a number of games with miniatures.  I started collecting miniatures when I started playing Dungeons and Dragons at age 12.  A more accurate way of putting it though would be that I started playing D&D so I would have an excuse to collect and paint miniatures.
     I have always been passionate about miniatures as a key aspect to a successful role playing experience and over the years I have tried to hone my skills at refining the experience of 3D gaming.  Though I feel I am and accomplished miniature gamer I still feel I have a lot to learn before I master this hobby.
     The hobby of miniature gaming is quite diverse and this web page in not intended to be a clearing house of information about the hobby.  I have created this page to share my experience and techniques in the hobby for the enrichment of the gaming community at large.  I hope you enjoy what I have presented here.
Update:  9-5-02

Check out my new project.

One Hundred and One Reaper Nights

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