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Something Wicked

   " Something Wicked" is my own generic horror miniature line that will be avaliable through Doppleganger U.S.A. and some selected shops in mid Missouri.  The goal of "Something Wicked" is to produce a miniature line of horror related minis that is as generic as possible.  I want it to be able to be used in the widest number of settings.  Of course some of the minis fit some genre' better than others but I'm trying to do the best I can to make them generic.  I have 24 planned and I will have the first six out by Fall 2002 if all goes well.

[SW-001 Ghost]  [SW-002 Blood Ghoul]  [SW-003 The Scarecrow]  [SW-004 Ohmar the mad doctor's apprentice]  [SW-005 Samantha MacBane the sexy witch] 

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